Why You Need To Get Up Very Early in the Morning for Landscape Photography

golden hourIn Landscape Photography, the beauty of our surroundings is being captured in photos. We see high-rise mountains, rolling hills, flowing waterfalls and even skyscrapers. Our nature’s beauty gives us a calm and soothing feeling and this is one of the reasons why professional photographers choose to specialize in Landscape photography.

These landscape photographers apply different techniques in capturing awesome photos. They also look for ways to get the best shots with the right timing just like in newborn photography pittsburgh. One of the popular ways that landscape photographers follow to get stunning photos is “shooting in the golden hour”.

In photography, golden hour refers to the first hour when the sun rises and the hour before the sun sets. Most landscape photographers use the “golden hour” technique particularly shooting right when the sun just came out for many reasons.  Some of these are the following:

  1. Sun is not too harsh in the first hour.
  2. No to less shadows will be captured in the picture
  3. Soft light is produced during this period of time.

Some photographers also shoot in the golden hour because of the “golden glow” that you can see during sunrise. This golden glow will look spectacular in landscape photos.

Amateur photographers who are looking forward to mastering landscape photography will need to wake up early in the morning. If possible, they have to adjust their body clock and get used to waking up earlier than the usual. This won’t be a problem especially if you are really determined in becoming a successful landscape photographer.

In Landscape photography, the need to travel is common. You cannot get wonderful views of nature if you just stay within the city. You need to travel and look for locations that are best for landscape photography.

Here are some tips for those helpful tips for those who are new to landscape photography:

  1. Scout the location

It is best to visit your desired location a day or two before the actual shoot. Think of the best spots to position yourself, your camera along with your tripod in the area. If the location is far from where you live, you should go to the place the day before the shoot so that when you wake up early the following day, you are already there and you will not miss the golden hour.

  1. Check the weather as well as the sunrise schedule

The time the sun rises differ by country, location or area. It is best to gather information on the expected weather as well as sunrise time before the scheduled photo shoot. It is difficult to shoot outdoors and plenty of hazards can be experienced so it best to be prepared for the worst to come. This doesn’t only apply in Landscape photography but also in wedding, newborn photography and others.

  1. Bring a tripod and wide angle lens

Wide angle lens is among the preferred lenses by professional landscape photographers. A wide angle lens can cover a wide space and by pairing it with a tripod you can get more awesome landscape images. A tripod can help avoid camera shakes by providing stability to your camera. Camera shake can affect the clarity or sharpness of your image so a tripod is definitely essential in Landscape Photography.

In all types of photography, light is of utmost importance and the golden hour can absolutely help a landscape photographer get his desired striking shots of nature.

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