Why Having A Second Wedding Photographer Is Important

It is pretty much a given as to how important a photographer is to have in a wedding. Without the photographer, a wedding would be less memorable as it is supposed to be as there would be no available documentation for one to look back on those memories every now and then.

And as times and preferences change, and as needs become more complicated than before, there has been a growing trend for weddings to have at least a second photographer as many photographers likeĀ Rafe Abrook Photography now offer such service. The question now arises as to how important it would be to have a second wedding photographer.


Let us first look at the advantages of having a second photographer at the wedding:

– A second photographer can provide coverage to more than one venue at a time, allowing more moments and photographs to be taken.


– A second photographer provides different sets of eyes, which make room for new styles of photography, allowing for more diversity as to how the photos in the wedding are taken.

– The minute details can be covered by the second photographer while there will be a main photographer who will take care of shooting the more general details of the wedding.

– In case there are some details missed by one of the photographers, the second photographer will be there to cover those missed details, ensuring a more complete coverage in the process.

– In the event of some untoward incident that would befall on one of the photographers like camera got damaged in the middle of event or an accident, something we hope would not happen to the photographer, there will be a backup plan of sorts in the person of the second photographer who can fill in and carry on with the job.


There are also some disadvantages in having a second photographer that should be taken into consideration as well:

– Hiring a second photographer entails a higher expense, something to consider especially if on a tight budget.

– There is a risk that there would be an overlapping and redundancy in terms of coverage as a certain moment gets captured by the two photographers at the same time and without any difference in style.

– There may be instances that the two photographers may feel uncomfortable working each other, especially those who have not worked with each other before and may affect the way they would cover the wedding as a whole.

When to hire a second wedding photographer

With those advantages and disadvantages in mind, it is important to note that hiring a second photographer or not depends on a number of factors that should be taken into account. One of them of course is the budget as to whether you can afford to do so or otherwise.


Another factor to consider the scope of the wedding, especially in the size of the event and the number of guests that are expected to attend. If the wedding will be a more private and intimate affair, then there would be no need for a second photographer.

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