Top 5 Traits of a Great Wedding Planner

wedding planningPlanning is crucial when it comes to achieving our goals. We need to plan well in order to succeed in whatever we do. Some of us are great in planning, others do not really plan at all and there are those who offer their services as a planner. An example of this is a wedding planner.

A wedding planner is someone who helps an engaged couple to plan for their anticipated wedding. Since wedding is considered as a very important life event, most couples are eager to make this occasion successful and memorable. They hire someone who has an extensive experience in planning a wedding and that someone is of course the wedding planner.

For those who are looking for a great wedding planner, it is important to choose carefully. Assess how good or not the potential candidate is. Is he/she really worth hiring? Is the planner easy to get along well? Here are some traits of a great planner that you should notice when meeting or interviewing him or her.

  1. Good Listener

The wedding planner that you choose must be a good listener. He/she listens to your questions as well as to your suggestions and provides to them. You can right away know if the planner is a good listener if during your meet up, he/she allows you to talk or ask and does not interrupt you when talking. A good planner can address each of your questions during your initial appointment.

  1. Honest

You need to hire someone who is upfront and honest on what he/she can deliver and will tell you how experienced he or she is. To check how honest a potential candidate is, listen to how the planner answers your questions. Does he/she answer confidently? or does he/she look hesitant? If the planner seems confident and consistent when answering, then he/she is probably honest. You can also try to ask for contact information of some past clients so you can ask about their experience with the wedding planner. If the planner is really honest and credible, he/she will not be afraid to give some references.

  1. Creative

A great wedding planner has plenty of unique ideas and styles. He/she can tell what styles, designs, food, setup will look good for your wedding. The planner can also recommend the best wedding photographer in your location and connect you also with other wedding vendors. If you are in Essex, your wedding planner surely know this amazing essex wedding photographer Experienced wedding planners generally have plenty of contacts in the wedding industry so they can surely match you with the right vendors.

  1. Friendly

You need a wedding planner that is friendly and has a wonderful personality. The planner must be able to deal well with the wedding vendors and your guests especially those who will participate in the bridal entourage. He/she must be friendly and approachable so your guests won’t hesitate to ask questions during rehearsals.

  1. Well-organized

Since the wedding planner will be helping their clients plan and organize their weddings, then he/she must be very well-organized. The planner must be the type who never arrives late for appointments for he/she is aware of how important time is. The wedding planner must also have a checklist or organizer that contains every little detail he/she needs when working on a wedding project.

The best way to know if a wedding planner is a good listener, honest, creative, friendly and well- organized is to do a background check by asking their past clients. You can also ask other professionals in the wedding industry like the professional photographers who took course from

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