The Best Nikon Flash for Wedding Is..

nikon speedlightLight is one of the important factors in photography. Light can make pictures brighter and
clearer. It can illuminate dark or dim locations. Most photographers get light from different sources. Some make use of the natural light such as sunlight while others use devices like flash to get their desired light.

Flashes are among the common sources of light used by photographers. While some photographers don’t like using flash because of the harsh light it sometimes produces but then a majority of photographers still use flash since they know how to bounce or soften its light.

Flashes are useful in so many ways. A flash can brighten a room with low light especially churches and reception halls during a wedding. An external flash can also prevent your camera’s battery from draining. Moreover, using a flash can help avoid red eye in pictures.

The flash that you can use for your camera will usually depend on the brand of your DLSR camera. Your camera and flash should be from the same manufacturer. Nikon flashes are suitable for Nikon cameras and same goes with Canon flashes which are best for Canon cameras.

Nikon is a very popular brand among photographers and their flashes as called “speedlight”. Nikon speedlight models are titled with SB followed by 2 or 3 numbers. These flashes are among the accessories made by Nikon under their Creative Lighting System (CLS).

Many flash photographers like this Wedding Photographer Birmingham use Nikon flash on top of their camera especially when shooting in low light. There are several Nikon flashes that you can choose from and the choices range from the simplest to the more powerful and advanced.

If you are looking for the best, then here are short descriptions of each flash and you decide which you think is the best.

SB-300 – is the simplest among the Nikon speedlights.  The head can be tilted upwards but not sideward. It uses three AAA batteries and it costs around $150.

SB-500 – this is the first Nikon flash with built-in LED light. It can be rotated from left to right and tilted upwards. Only 2 AA batteries are needed for this model. SB-500 is compatible with Nikon’s Creative Lighting System.

SB-700– is more advanced than SB-300 and SB-500. It replaced SB-600 which is now out of the market. SB-700 costs around $350 and the features include tilting upwards up to 90 degrees and rotation from side to side.

SB-910 –is another advanced Nikon flash that can tilt up to 90 degrees and rotate 180 degrees left to right. It is considered as Nikon’s top of the line flash because of its Commander Moder, Strobe and good recycle time. The price ranges between $500-600.

You can read more reviews about Nikon speedlights before deciding on what to buy. Consider your needs, budget and expectation when buying. If you don’t have any budget limitation, then get SB-910. You can also ask tips from essex wedding photographer on what flash is best for weddings.

One you have the flash, practice using it and make sure to learn the features and specification of the Nikon flash you bought before using it in an actual wedding or special event.

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