As a beginner, first thing you must do is to know more about your gear. The better you know about it, the higher the chance you can get in getting the best shots. This is the most common mistake that almost everyone makes, they assume they know their gear or camera because they have read the specs about it. But getting your hands dirty is the best way to know your gear more.

Second is the the tripod. A professional photographer always brings one with him. This is perfect to get the best still shots, long exposure, focusing and even giving you support when taking the shot of a life time. You need to find the perfect one for you. The kind that is easy to clean, can be dismantled, portable, lightweight and most of all, can be able to support heavy lenses that your camera uses.

One thing is to know what you need to take. It is unnecessary for you to go out there and take pictures when what you really want to take it a sunny day, and your taking pictures on a rainy day. And hey, your camera is in danger of soaking up water. You need to gear up with protective coats against rain and harsh conditions that may affect your device. For more info, you can watch the video below.

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