Top 6 Ways to Save When Planning a Destination Wedding

destination weddingDestination wedding is wonderful option for couples that are planning to tie the knot in a non-traditional setup. A destination wedding is often held in a private resort, on an island or a popular vacation getaway. Couples who want a destination wedding normally choose a wedding venue that is far from the city or state they are residing. Most pairs pick out a destination wedding setup for they heard that it is more practical and costs less.

Is destination wedding really a budget-saving option? Is it really more economical? Well, not all destination weddings come cheap. There are those that might even cost you more and this will all depend on several factors. You can spend less in your destination wedding if you want to by following these effective ways

  1. Limit the number of guests

The number one way to save on cost is to invite only the most important guests. Start by listing your immediate family and closest friends. By limiting the number of guest you can also choose a lower package when it comes to wedding catering, flowers and even venue accommodation. In some venues, the cost will depend on the number of guests so fewer guests you invite, the lower the cost of the accommodation and even the total wedding cost.

  1. Choose an easy to get to location

Some guests decline an invitation especially if the location is too far, difficult to access or or if they have to spend for transportation. In such cases, the couple usually offers to shoulder the transportation of important guests- a family member or friend. This can be an additional burden to your wedding budget but then you can avoid this by choosing an easy to get to location – a place where it won’t be necessary to book an expensive plane ticket. Check online for resorts that offer group travel packages for it can be a good option to choose.

  1. Find local vendors to avoid transportation fee or extra expenses

If you have relatives or friends in your chosen location, then that would be an advantage for you. You can request from your friend to help you find local wedding vendors or professionals in your preferred city or town. If not, you can go online, do a research on the best destination wedding places and find also local vendors. Hiring local vendors can help you avoid paying for transportation or miscellaneous fees. Let’s say hire a photographer from JLC Photography if you’re going to have it in UK.

  1. Pick a wedding venue that can be your honeymoon place

A wedding venue wherein you can also spend your honeymoon is a good choice. You no longer need to travel from one place to another after the wedding and this can certainly save you time and money.

  1. Be choosy with the wedding package

There are popular destination wedding venues that offer budget-saving wedding packages. Make sure to get all the information you need by doing a research of the packages they are offering. Compare prices or rates carefully and know also the amenities you and your guests can get from the venue.

  1. Select an off-peak season date

Another way to spend less on your destination wedding is by selecting a date during an off-peak season. Many wedding venues, suppliers and vendors such as this Orange County Wedding Photographer, offer discounted rates on the off-peak season. Make sure to know the expected weather and choose the most suitable day so you do not have to worry about any weather disturbance. You may also consider having your wedding on a known holiday or during the weekend for the rates are usually lower.

Through research and careful selection, you can surely save on your destination wedding.

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Top 5 Traits of a Great Wedding Planner

wedding planningPlanning is crucial when it comes to achieving our goals. We need to plan well in order to succeed in whatever we do. Some of us are great in planning, others do not really plan at all and there are those who offer their services as a planner. An example of this is a wedding planner.

A wedding planner is someone who helps an engaged couple to plan for their anticipated wedding. Since wedding is considered as a very important life event, most couples are eager to make this occasion successful and memorable. They hire someone who has an extensive experience in planning a wedding and that someone is of course the wedding planner.

For those who are looking for a great wedding planner, it is important to choose carefully. Assess how good or not the potential candidate is. Is he/she really worth hiring? Is the planner easy to get along well? Here are some traits of a great planner that you should notice when meeting or interviewing him or her.

  1. Good Listener

The wedding planner that you choose must be a good listener. He/she listens to your questions as well as to your suggestions and provides to them. You can right away know if the planner is a good listener if during your meet up, he/she allows you to talk or ask and does not interrupt you when talking. A good planner can address each of your questions during your initial appointment.

  1. Honest

You need to hire someone who is upfront and honest on what he/she can deliver and will tell you how experienced he or she is. To check how honest a potential candidate is, listen to how the planner answers your questions. Does he/she answer confidently? or does he/she look hesitant? If the planner seems confident and consistent when answering, then he/she is probably honest. You can also try to ask for contact information of some past clients so you can ask about their experience with the wedding planner. If the planner is really honest and credible, he/she will not be afraid to give some references.

  1. Creative

A great wedding planner has plenty of unique ideas and styles. He/she can tell what styles, designs, food, setup will look good for your wedding. The planner can also recommend the best wedding photographer in your location and connect you also with other wedding vendors. If you are in Essex, your wedding planner surely know this amazing essex wedding photographer Experienced wedding planners generally have plenty of contacts in the wedding industry so they can surely match you with the right vendors.

  1. Friendly

You need a wedding planner that is friendly and has a wonderful personality. The planner must be able to deal well with the wedding vendors and your guests especially those who will participate in the bridal entourage. He/she must be friendly and approachable so your guests won’t hesitate to ask questions during rehearsals.

  1. Well-organized

Since the wedding planner will be helping their clients plan and organize their weddings, then he/she must be very well-organized. The planner must be the type who never arrives late for appointments for he/she is aware of how important time is. The wedding planner must also have a checklist or organizer that contains every little detail he/she needs when working on a wedding project.

The best way to know if a wedding planner is a good listener, honest, creative, friendly and well- organized is to do a background check by asking their past clients. You can also ask other professionals in the wedding industry like the professional photographers who took course from

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Wedding Photography: Capturing Great Memories

wedding photographyWe all know how hard it is to organize a wedding. A couple need to spend long hours in preparing for the wedding ceremony as well as the wedding party. They need to look for a wedding venue, prepare the guest list, hire wedding professionals like a wedding photographer and look for suppliers for different wedding items.

And since too much effort and time are spent for the wedding, it is rightful that this occasion will be recorded and the memories be preserved. And what is the best way for a couple to preserve the memories of their wonderful union? Yes through wedding pictures!

Importance of Wedding Photography

We all know that a wedding generally cost a lot and it takes a lot of time to settle everything just to ensure that the wedding will run smooth. After the wedding, the best thing that will remind us of this momentous event is the wedding album which contains captured images of what transpired during the wedding.

This is the main reason why wedding photographers are important to hire in this special occasion. A professional wedding photographer can capture great memories of our wedding that we will surely treasure for a lifetime. And as years pass by, we will something to look at to reminisce this magnificent day.

Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

If you are keen in hiring a professional wedding photographer, you need to do a background check and make sure that you hire the right one. Ask recommendations from friends and family then set an appointment with the candidate. If your talk goes well, request to see the photographer’s work portfolio as well as wedding albums of his past clients. Check his style of photography as well as his consistency in the way the images are captured. If you are impressed, then check the packages and sign the contract.

Preparing a Wedding Shot List

Now, what will the wedding photographer shoot at? Well, you can prepare a wedding shot list that can guide the photographer on what pictures you expect him/her to take. He can also add his ideas into the list.

The wedding venue should not be forgotten when preparing a wedding shot list. A lot of people worked to make the venue look grand thus this should not be missed by the wedding photographer.

Deciding on What to Shoot

Individual as well as group or family portrait shots are also a great way to remind the couple of who came to their wedding. Even as years pass by and some of their former guests are no longer around, they can still remember how the guest played a big part in their wedding.

Candid shots during the wedding party can also show how lively the event was, how the parents reacted during the exchange of wedding vows and how the guests felt when the couple kissed and delivered their speeches. There are just too many things that we want to remember and keep through the wedding pictures that our reliable photographer captures.

Professional wedding photographers who have been in the wedding industry for a long time are already familiar with these wedding ceremonies. They already know when to shoot and what the important wedding shots are so you will have to put your whole trust on him/her.

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6 Common Mistakes Amateur Wedding Photographers Make

wedding tipsIt is normal for a human being to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, not even professionals. But then, when it comes to our job we want to avoid making mistakes that can possibly ruin our reputation. Even amateur wedding photographers want to cover their first wedding successfully. They know that their first project can have a big impact on their business or their chance at success in the wedding industry.

Every wedding is important and couples hire you to capture the precious moments on their wedding. They look forward to seeing wonderful wedding pictures that depict this special event. As a wedding photographer, you want to satisfy and fulfill the expectations of your clients.  Knowing the common mistakes made by amateur wedding photographers can help you avoid and learn from them.

  1. Wrong exposure

There are photographers who are not knowledgeable enough in knowing how to adjust their camera setting based on a situation. At times, they choose the wrong exposure thus causing an image to appear different from what it actual looks like. Say for example when taking shots of the prized wedding gown, a photographer either under exposed or overexposed it causing the color of the gown to look different in the picture.

To resolve this, it is important for to learn about exposure and other basic photography terms and techniques. You need to know when and how to adjust your settings based on a given scene or situation. You also need to apply and practice what you have learned.

  1. Insufficient knowledge of equipment

Preparing for a wedding involves studying setting your cameras, checking your equipment and planning what to bring. The most important among the three is setting your camera. You need to familiarize every button, controls, shooting modes, features that your primary camera as well as you backup camera.

Some photographers adjust their camera’s settings upon arriving at the wedding venue which is definitely wrong. You need to do the necessary adjustments and checking days before the wedding.

  1. Incomplete shots

There are amateur photographers who think that a wedding shot list is unnecessary. They think that they already know what to shoot, only to realize later that a lot of important shots are missing. The couple got mad and frustrated with the incomplete shots that the photographer delivered.

This goes to say that it is important for you to plan your shots, create a checklist or ask the couple to provide you a list of expected shots. You need individual and portrait shots of the people in the wedding as well as macro shots of wedding items and significant details. This derby wedding photographer always asks clients on what shot they want to be included.

  1. Unprofessionalism

Arriving late, dressing inappropriately and showing disrespect to others are clear signs of unprofessionalism. Never show unprofessionalism because this can really ruin your reputation. Clients will never hire you nor recommend you to their friends if they are disgruntled with how you act and do your job. It is important to act professionally and never give promises you cannot deliver.

  1. Cluttered background

Too much clutter in the background can keep the focus away from the people in the picture. The viewers will notice the mess or the unnecessary element in the background instead of the supposed focus which is the couple or their guests. Some photographers forget to remove the clutter or tend to choose the wrong location especially when taking shots before the wedding. This makes it very important for the wedding photographer to check the whole scene before composing the shot and clicking on the camera.

  1. Lack or incorrect focus

Almost same with #2, it is important for a photographer to choose a focus and select the right camera focus mode before taking shots. You need to choose the right ISO level as well as right shooting mode whether manual or autofocus. It will all depend on a particular situation hence you need to use your best judgment. You can ask for tips from this professional wedding photographer Hertfordshire.

Keep these common mistakes in mind and avoid doing them. Just practice continuously and never stop learning from every experience.

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