How to Become a Professional Photographer in Less than a Year

professional photographerDo you love taking pictures of interesting things that you see? Do you usually pull out your camera when a special person or celebrity arrives? Are you the type who takes pictures during birthday and special occasions so you can reminisce them later? Pretty sure, more than half of you who are reading this post arrived on this site while looking for valuable information on professional photography. You are probably interested to become a paid professional photographer.

Professional photography is an excellent career choice for those who re really serious and passionate about photography. If you really want to become a professional photographer, then you have to be really determined to become one. It won’t be easy and some might even discourage you since there are truly many amateurs who did not excel in photography. But then, nothing is impossible if you really work hard for it. You can even become a successful photographer in less than a year if you want to.

  1. Buy the best equipment you can afford

Owning a DSLR camera, two or 3 lenses and a laptop can be a good start. You can buy an entry level DSLR or a camera kit that includes a prime lens and standard lens since it is usually the most affordable to buy nowadays. Study your camera from its dials or controls to is shooting modes and features. Do this as soon as you get hold of your unit.

  1. Take photography courses

While it is not necessary to get formal training in photography to become a photographer, you can stand out from photographer and learn faster by taking a basic photography course or two. There are courses that you can finish in less than a year. Try to apply as early as possible the things that you learned so you can determine early which methods or techniques can be helpful for you.

  1. Find inspirations online

During your free time or when you are not taking your photography classes, you can try to get online and look for inspirations. Observe the pictures taken by known photographers and learn from them. You can also get inspirations from museums or photo exhibits.

Building your own website and applying seo for photographers is also a good start to getting yourself exposed.

  1. Work as an assistant on several events

Working as an intern to a professional photographer is a wonderful way for you to learn photography firsthand. Observe how the pro works; remember the good techniques they use and learn from the mistakes they did.

  1. Master a photo editing software

Nowadays, most professional photographers know how to edit images. Editing or enhancing images is done not to totally change the image but only to modify or make it look better and achieve the perfect shot. Set a few hours each day to learn the new editing program you have. Use your imagination and creativity when editing the images. It is not only a productive way of learning photography but it is also a fun thing to do.

  1. Build a strong network

Aside from taking photography course and practicing every day, you can best prepare in becoming a professional photographer through building a strong network in the photography industry. You need to connect with people who are also into photography or in the industry you intend to enter. Say for example if you want to become a wedding photographer, you have to connect with wedding florists, wedding DJs, designers, caterers and even with a fellow Seattle Wedding Photographer .

These people can help you reach out to more clients in the future. You can find most of them in bridal or wedding events. Approach them and introduce yourself. Meeting new people can also help improve your people skills so you will get used to handling individuals of various personalities.

To sum up, you can become a successful photographer through practice, formal training, practical experience, connecting with people and of course determination. It might not be easy but it is surely worth trying.

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Common Tripod Accessories You Must Consider Buying

tripod accessoriesDo you know how important a tripod is for photographers? If you are an aspiring photographer who doesn’t know what a tripod is, then it’s high time for you to get one and learn how to use it. A tripod is perhaps the next important thing for photographers after their cameras and lenses.

Since 1840, tripods have been used by many professional photographers. It serves different purposes but its main purpose is to provide stability to a camera so there will be less movement when taking shots.

We all know that camera shakes or movement can affect the sharpness of an image. With a tripod, the image captured will not be affected by the shakiness of the photographer’s hand or by the unevenness of a location’s surface.

A tripod also allows a photographer to increase or decrease the height of the camera’s position thus allowing for more creative, unique shots. Pittsburgh family photographer loves to use a tripod for group portrait shots.

Professional photographers habitually look for the best angles to get a perfect shot. On the other hand, photo hobbyist and amateur photographers rarely use tripods for they lack the knowledge on how to use it. Some also think tripod is not that important in photography. But well, if you really want to become an effective professional photographer, then you should know what a tripod is and what accessories you attach or use with it to make it work well.

Carrying Case

Like cameras, a tripod must also be kept inside a bag or case to prevent from getting damaged. There are tripods that are lightweight while there are some that are bit heavy thus having a carrying case can help a photographer conveniently carry the tripod when traveling.

Landscape photographers certainly love to use a carrying case when they go on travel to high places for a shoot. These cases usually have foam inside to protect the tripod against damage.

Lens collars or mount rings

A lens collar or mount ring provides more support to cameras so it will remain in position. This is particularly useful when a long or telephoto lens is attached to your camera. The lens collar is fitted into the lens and directly mounted to the tripods head for better support.


L-plates are helpful for photographers to get more creative vertical and horizontal angles. With a L-plate, a professional photographer like wedding photographer hampshire can tilt the tripod head to its desired angle to get the shot he wants. You can change angles without decreasing the stability that tripod provides for your camera.

Quick Release Adapter

One of the most common problems encountered by a photographer who uses a tripod is the actual installation of camera on it. Depending on the brand or model, some tripods take quite some time to install; you have to manually remove first the tripod head, screw the camera into the tripod head and then re-attach again the tripod head back into its original position.

Now, if you have limited time to setup, these things would surely be a nightmare for you but with the help of the quick release adapter, you could easily attach and detach your camera from your tripod. There are new tripods though that already have a built in quick release adapter. But for those without it, buying one will surely save you time.

These accessories can help make you get the most out of your tripod. You can surely creative, sharp images when you use a tripod especially in unlikely situations.

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