How to Become a Professional Photographer in Less than a Year

professional photographerDo you love taking pictures of interesting things that you see? Do you usually pull out your camera when a special person or celebrity arrives? Are you the type who takes pictures during birthday and special occasions so you can reminisce them later? Pretty sure, more than half of you who are reading this post arrived on this site while looking for valuable information on professional photography. You are probably interested to become a paid professional photographer.

Professional photography is an excellent career choice for those who re really serious and passionate about photography. If you really want to become a professional photographer, then you have to be really determined to become one. It won’t be easy and some might even discourage you since there are truly many amateurs who did not excel in photography. But then, nothing is impossible if you really work hard for it. You can even become a successful photographer in less than a year if you want to.

  1. Buy the best equipment you can afford

Owning a DSLR camera, two or 3 lenses and a laptop can be a good start. You can buy an entry level DSLR or a camera kit that includes a prime lens and standard lens since it is usually the most affordable to buy nowadays. Study your camera from its dials or controls to is shooting modes and features. Do this as soon as you get hold of your unit.

  1. Take photography courses

While it is not necessary to get formal training in photography to become a photographer, you can stand out from photographer and learn faster by taking a basic photography course or two. There are courses that you can finish in less than a year. Try to apply as early as possible the things that you learned so you can determine early which methods or techniques can be helpful for you.

  1. Find inspirations online

During your free time or when you are not taking your photography classes, you can try to get online and look for inspirations. Observe the pictures taken by known photographers and learn from them. You can also get inspirations from museums or photo exhibits.

Building your own website and applying seo for photographers is also a good start to getting yourself exposed.

  1. Work as an assistant on several events

Working as an intern to a professional photographer is a wonderful way for you to learn photography firsthand. Observe how the pro works; remember the good techniques they use and learn from the mistakes they did.

  1. Master a photo editing software

Nowadays, most professional photographers know how to edit images. Editing or enhancing images is done not to totally change the image but only to modify or make it look better and achieve the perfect shot. Set a few hours each day to learn the new editing program you have. Use your imagination and creativity when editing the images. It is not only a productive way of learning photography but it is also a fun thing to do.

  1. Build a strong network

Aside from taking photography course and practicing every day, you can best prepare in becoming a professional photographer through building a strong network in the photography industry. You need to connect with people who are also into photography or in the industry you intend to enter. Say for example if you want to become a wedding photographer, you have to connect with wedding florists, wedding DJs, designers, caterers and even with a fellow Seattle Wedding Photographer .

These people can help you reach out to more clients in the future. You can find most of them in bridal or wedding events. Approach them and introduce yourself. Meeting new people can also help improve your people skills so you will get used to handling individuals of various personalities.

To sum up, you can become a successful photographer through practice, formal training, practical experience, connecting with people and of course determination. It might not be easy but it is surely worth trying.

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Top 6 Ways to Save When Planning a Destination Wedding

destination weddingDestination wedding is wonderful option for couples that are planning to tie the knot in a non-traditional setup. A destination wedding is often held in a private resort, on an island or a popular vacation getaway. Couples who want a destination wedding normally choose a wedding venue that is far from the city or state they are residing. Most pairs pick out a destination wedding setup for they heard that it is more practical and costs less.

Is destination wedding really a budget-saving option? Is it really more economical? Well, not all destination weddings come cheap. There are those that might even cost you more and this will all depend on several factors. You can spend less in your destination wedding if you want to by following these effective ways

  1. Limit the number of guests

The number one way to save on cost is to invite only the most important guests. Start by listing your immediate family and closest friends. By limiting the number of guest you can also choose a lower package when it comes to wedding catering, flowers and even venue accommodation. In some venues, the cost will depend on the number of guests so fewer guests you invite, the lower the cost of the accommodation and even the total wedding cost.

  1. Choose an easy to get to location

Some guests decline an invitation especially if the location is too far, difficult to access or or if they have to spend for transportation. In such cases, the couple usually offers to shoulder the transportation of important guests- a family member or friend. This can be an additional burden to your wedding budget but then you can avoid this by choosing an easy to get to location – a place where it won’t be necessary to book an expensive plane ticket. Check online for resorts that offer group travel packages for it can be a good option to choose.

  1. Find local vendors to avoid transportation fee or extra expenses

If you have relatives or friends in your chosen location, then that would be an advantage for you. You can request from your friend to help you find local wedding vendors or professionals in your preferred city or town. If not, you can go online, do a research on the best destination wedding places and find also local vendors. Hiring local vendors can help you avoid paying for transportation or miscellaneous fees. Let’s say hire a photographer from JLC Photography if you’re going to have it in UK.

  1. Pick a wedding venue that can be your honeymoon place

A wedding venue wherein you can also spend your honeymoon is a good choice. You no longer need to travel from one place to another after the wedding and this can certainly save you time and money.

  1. Be choosy with the wedding package

There are popular destination wedding venues that offer budget-saving wedding packages. Make sure to get all the information you need by doing a research of the packages they are offering. Compare prices or rates carefully and know also the amenities you and your guests can get from the venue.

  1. Select an off-peak season date

Another way to spend less on your destination wedding is by selecting a date during an off-peak season. Many wedding venues, suppliers and vendors such as this Orange County Wedding Photographer, offer discounted rates on the off-peak season. Make sure to know the expected weather and choose the most suitable day so you do not have to worry about any weather disturbance. You may also consider having your wedding on a known holiday or during the weekend for the rates are usually lower.

Through research and careful selection, you can surely save on your destination wedding.

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Where to Start in Planning Your Destination Wedding

destination wedding planningEvery wedding is different from one another. Couples have their own taste and unique style that they want to incorporate of their wedding day. There are also several wedding styles they can choose from and one of which is the so-called destination wedding.

Destination wedding is a wedding that is held in a location far from the hometown of either bride or groom. It can be in a different city, on a secluded island, at the beach or similar locations. Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular because couples find it more exciting, romantic and unique. You can even choose to be practical and have your honeymoon after the wedding to be in the same destination.

If you are considering a destination wedding, you will need to prepare and plan early for it. Destination weddings can be challenging to setup especially if you do not know where to start and what to do. To help you plan your destination wedding, here are some tips for you.

  1. Decide on the location

You and your partners must mutually agree on what kind of location you want. Do you want a wedding by the beach? an island? a yacht? The location should be something significant and really represent what you want in a wedding.

If you cannot think of a location, you can ask your friends for recommendations or search online for popular beaches, landmarks or destinations in a city or country you are interested in.

  1. Consider the costs

Divide your wedding budget and decide on how much you are willing to pay for the location. You should include the expected cost of travel especially if it requires you to ride a plane. You might even have to should the travel expenses of some family members if they cannot afford it. Hence, make sure to cover every single aspect of your destination wedding. Do not forget to compare ticket prices based on their day or time for you find cheaper flights to save on cost.

  1. Find a local contact and/or hire a wedding coordinator

Once you have chosen a location for the wedding, try to find a contact person from the area or hire a wedding coordinator who is familiar with the place. He/she can help you find wedding professional such as wedding florist and essex wedding photographer to hire. You need to know important information about the area like the means of transportation and even the expected weather.

  1. Scout the location and inquire

    Try to visit the location or ask someone to do it for you. You need to talk to the venue manager via phone or in person so you can ask questions related to the rental. What are the amenities and rental inclusions are? Are they going to provide the sound system? Do they have an in-house caterer? Will they allow outside catering? How many guests can the place accommodate? Do they have tent they can put up by the beach (if you want an outdoor beach setup)? Is your desired wedding date still available? Ask all relevant questions and write them down.

  1. Obtain necessary permits and pertinent docs

There are locations that require local permits and some of which take longer to obtain. You must also know what documents you, your guests, kent wedding photographers or hired professionals need to get. Do they need passport and visa for the travel? Get every important detail for the travel and rental.

Plan your destination wedding early so you still have lots of time to check things. By starting to plan early, you can make your dream destination wedding successful and memorable.

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What It Takes to Find the Right Boudoir Photographer

boudoir photographyOver the past few years, it is noticeable that more and more women are trying out the boudoir photography shoot. They find this form of pictorial exciting, unique and a remarkable experience. These women get to pose like sexy models in a private location and give these pictures as a gift to their future groom or just for themselves.

Because of this rising interest on boudoir photography, many photographers start to offer this kind of photography service. Some underwent photography training and gained experience while others don’t really have any training or skills in boudoir photography. A woman who is interested to undergo a boudoir shoot must be extra choosy in hiring a boudoir photographer because not all photographers can deliver what is agreed. You will be posing almost nude in front of someone you recently knew and if he/she is a deceitful one, your pictures might get distributed without your permission or knowledge.

To ensure that your boudoir shooting experience is successful and memorable, here are some tips on how you should find the right boudoir photographer.

  1. Do a background check

Find around 4 to 5 photographers to choose from and do background check of each photographer. You should know how skilled they are in boudoir photography, how professional they are when it comes to work, how they treat their clients and even how honest and credible they are. You can directly ask the photographers for numbers of their past clients and you can ask the client about her experience working with the photographer.

  1. Have a look at his/her work portfolio

Request to have a look of the photographer’s work portfolio. Do not expect though to see plenty of boudoir pictures since most pictures are most likely private and exclusive to their past clients. But then, surely there are some pictures of their models which can help you determine how skilled he/she is in boudoir photographer. Take notice of how sharp, clear the pictures are and how the models perform the sexy poses.

  1. Read thoroughly the contract before signing

Your privacy is of utmost importance unless you will agree to have your pictures posted somewhere else. You need to make sure that you and the photographer have settled and agreed on the terms and conditions of the shoot before both sign the contract. Even clients of these kent wedding photographers always make sure that both parties understand the contract.

  1. Assess how comfortable or not are you with the photographer

The personality of the boudoir photographer also plays a big part in the success of the shoot. Talk to the photographer in person and if you feel comfortable talking to him/her, then hire the photographer. If not, then find another one. Your pictures won’t look great if you feel awkward or uncomfortable with the photo shooter.

  1. Compare costs and packages

Check how much the reasonable price of a package in your location is. If the price is too cheap, then you should suspect that the photographer might not be credible or skilled. If the price is too expensive or high, then check what the deliverables are and assess if it is sounds rational.

You seldom get to undergo a boudoir shoot, so you will need to be extra careful in choosing the boudoir photographer to hire. By doing so, you can have an incredible experience you will never forget.

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Macro Photography Tips For Portraits

Macro photography has become one of the most popular forms of photography out there, especially among photographers like Simon Grossett who are into capturing certain details of a subject that need to be highlighted.

This type of photography has been mainly used for nature photography to capture the miniscule details of the subject. But it is also becoming used in other areas in photography, particularly nature photography.

Today, we shall share to you some techniques in doing portraits with macro photography.

Equipment and Lighting

The Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro is an ideal macro lens to use as you can get up close without being restricted to the minimum focusing distance, as you would with a non-macro lens. The 100mm focal length enables you to get nice close-ups without distorting facial features, while the lens has a four-stop stabilizer, great for shooting handheld in low light conditions.


For close-ups you will also need soft natural light for best results, so if you are doing an outside shoot, avoid bright sunlight. It is also important to have a reflector to bounce light back onto your model’s face and fill in unflattering shadows.

Camera settings

Set your camera to Manual mode for full control. You’ll need to set a wide aperture to let in plenty of light. Depending on the speed of your lens, this will be somewhere between f/2.8 and f/5.6.

This will ensure that you have a fast enough shutter speed to avoid camera shake, and will also create a nice shallow depth of field, so your model’s facial features stay sharp while peripheral detail and the backdrop are thrown out of focus.

Once you’ve set your aperture, half-press the shutter button to meter the scene, and turn the dial to adjust the shutter speed until the exposure indicator is in the middle to obtain a balanced exposure.

Keep the ISO low for maximum image quality. But if you wish to have a fast enough shutter speed to capture pin-sharp shots you may need to increase the ISO to 400 or even 800, depending on the ambient lighting.


When it comes to composition, try to think outside the box and capture something a bit different. Most portraits are taken face-on with the camera around the subject’s eye level, so try changing the camera angle and viewpoint.


One option is go up high and shoot down on your subject, or you can get low and angle the camera up for an abstract feel. Try shots from the side too, with your subject looking both at you and away from you.

Features matter

Make the most of features such as the eyes, mouth and hair, but don’t feel obligated to include every feature in a single frame. In fact, you can try shooting half of your model’s face, or their profile, and come in tight to emphasize details such as the eyes for added impact.

For precise focusing, manually select the autofocus point that’s closest to the detail you want to capture – you’ll need to change the active focus point as you compose different shots.

Using a reflector

A reflector is simply a large sheet of reflective material that’s used to direct light onto a subject. When you’re shooting portraits in natural light, a lightweight, collapsible reflector would do just fine as they are a cheap, portable, and easy-to-use option for controlling the light without having to use flash.

Also keep in mind that white is great for lifting shadows and balancing the light, gold adds a warm glow to skin tones, and silver creates a much cooler feel and can also create nice highlights in the eyes.

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Do I Really Need to Buy a Camera Bag?

camera bagThe primary job of a photographer is to capture special moments of the event he/ she is tasked to photographer. The photographer needs to ensure that every important moment will be preserved through the pictures.

Professional photographers invest money in buying their equipment. Cameras alone cost thousand plus the lenses that they need to attach as well as other accessories. They take pride of their work and would want to purchase the right items that can help them produce their desired images.

Some of these photographers give importance to their valuable assets so they protect them through buying a camera bag where they can keep their stuff. There are other photographers though, especially the new ones, who think that a camera bag is not necessary. Now, is a camera bag really necessary or just an additional needless expense?

If you are among the amateur photographers who have just bought your prized DSLR camera and special lens, you need to ask yourself “Do I really need to buy a camera bag?” Is it enough that I just handle it carefully so I don’t have to buy a camera bag for it?

Well, we recommend that you buy a camera bag. Wondering why? Below are the reasons you need to consider purchasing one.

  1. It can protect your valuable photography equipment

Although most camera are made of durable materials but then accidents happen nd no matter how strong your camera may look, it can still get ruined from a hard fall or bang. You need to protect it by keeping your camera inside a bag so you can use for a long time. You surely wouldn’t want to be buying a camera over and over again, right?

  1. It provides convenience when traveling

At times, you will need to travel to a far place and hanging a camera on your shoulders can make your camera more inclined to getting damaged land having scratches, marks or dents. It is also burdensome to be carrying a camera on your shoulder or using hands for hours during travel. With a camera bag though, your camera does not only get protected but it is also easier for you to move around and carry your stuff for a long time.

  1. It keeps your camera safe from harsh weather conditions

Dust, water, rain and other similar elements might sometimes get in you DSLR and can affect its normal functioning. With a camera bag, you can protect your camera from getting wet or dirty. When it rains or it is too hot, you protect your camera from being affected by such weather conditions.

  1. Keep your stuff more organized

There are camera bags that have dividers and pockets where you can neatly arrange your big and small items. You can see pockets for small items like memory cards and bigger slots for cameras, lenses, and even laptop. You can organize your things better so it will be easier for you to find them.

A camera bag is certainly worth buying and its importance must not be taken for granted. Make sure to buy one that suits your type of photography since there are many types of camera bags that you can choose from.

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6 Tips on How to Take Great Photos Using Your New DSLR Camera

DSLR cameraIn today’s digital photography, there is no doubt that DSLR cameras are powerful because of the many features they generally have. DSLR cameras can give you the awesome pictures you are looking forward to as long as you know how to properly use them. You should not expect to right away produce magnificent photos if you are a new DSLR user. You need to learn ways on how to take great photos using your new DSLR camera. 

  1. Adjust your ISO accordingly

ISO basically stands for International Organization for Standardization and it refers to how sensitive your camera is to the light coming in. The lower the ISO, the less sensitive your camera is. There are cameras that have a wide range of ISO which can reach as low 100 or as high as 1600. A high ISO can be useful when there is insufficient light in a particular location. By setting your camera’s ISO higher in a low light location, the image will still appear visible and clear. The downside though is the higher the ISO, the more noise in your image and so not so sharp or blurry images will be produced. You will have to carefully choose the right ISO setting to get the perfect image. 

  1. Keep your camera steady at all times

A steady camera is important wen taking pictures using your DSLR. Less to no camera shakes or movements can definitely produce sharper images than when your camera lacks stability. The stability of a camera is important in all types of photography even in cake smash photography.

A photographer must find ways to avoid too much camera shakes especially in low light situations. One way to avoid this is by using a good quality tripod. Be open about buying a high quality tripod at a higher cost than a cheap, low quality one. You surely won’t regret your investment on a great tripod.

  1. Check your shots every now and then

There are instances that a photographer gets too hooked on shooting an event that he disregards the importance of checking the captured shots. As a beginner, you must make it a habit to check your images from time to time so you can adjust the settings whenever necessary.

Keep in mind that the light, angle, lens and the situation in general differ and your first shot might look great but the others may look poor due to insufficient light or other factors. Make sure to check your shots from time to time so you can correct any flaw.

  1. Shoot in RAW not JPEG

A lot of professional photographers like these wedding photographers dorset will surely advise you to shoot in RAW. If you not sure why then the main reason for this is that you can have more control in the image during post-production. The images shot in RAW are really “raw” or unprocessed so the data of the image you get is the same with what you get before clicking on the camera. RAW files are larger though so you will have to make sure you have enough memory storage especially when you are covering a long event.

  1. Learn how to use Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority Modes

There are different shooting modes that can be found in your camera. You need to study each and learn which are the most useful for your type of photography. For beginners who haven’t decided yet on what field to focus on, it is best to learn Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes. You need to learn how the aperture can affect the look of your image. You also need to know how to control the shutter speed of your camera. Learning these two shooting modes can definitely help you capture great photos.

  1. View your histogram to adjust exposure

Overexposure as well as underexpose can make your images look poor and unclear. You need to the right exposure to get a clear, awesome picture. Looking at your LCD screen is not enough because it is not as reliable as the histogram. Your camera’s histogram can accurately show you the exposure level of your image so you can adjust suitably.

Make sure that you get the most out of your DSLR camera. Find time to study and practice shooting so your acquire skills and gain more knowledge that can help you get the perfect photos you desire.

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Common Tripod Accessories You Must Consider Buying

tripod accessoriesDo you know how important a tripod is for photographers? If you are an aspiring photographer who doesn’t know what a tripod is, then it’s high time for you to get one and learn how to use it. A tripod is perhaps the next important thing for photographers after their cameras and lenses.

Since 1840, tripods have been used by many professional photographers. It serves different purposes but its main purpose is to provide stability to a camera so there will be less movement when taking shots.

We all know that camera shakes or movement can affect the sharpness of an image. With a tripod, the image captured will not be affected by the shakiness of the photographer’s hand or by the unevenness of a location’s surface.

A tripod also allows a photographer to increase or decrease the height of the camera’s position thus allowing for more creative, unique shots. Pittsburgh family photographer loves to use a tripod for group portrait shots.

Professional photographers habitually look for the best angles to get a perfect shot. On the other hand, photo hobbyist and amateur photographers rarely use tripods for they lack the knowledge on how to use it. Some also think tripod is not that important in photography. But well, if you really want to become an effective professional photographer, then you should know what a tripod is and what accessories you attach or use with it to make it work well.

Carrying Case

Like cameras, a tripod must also be kept inside a bag or case to prevent from getting damaged. There are tripods that are lightweight while there are some that are bit heavy thus having a carrying case can help a photographer conveniently carry the tripod when traveling.

Landscape photographers certainly love to use a carrying case when they go on travel to high places for a shoot. These cases usually have foam inside to protect the tripod against damage.

Lens collars or mount rings

A lens collar or mount ring provides more support to cameras so it will remain in position. This is particularly useful when a long or telephoto lens is attached to your camera. The lens collar is fitted into the lens and directly mounted to the tripods head for better support.


L-plates are helpful for photographers to get more creative vertical and horizontal angles. With a L-plate, a professional photographer like wedding photographer hampshire can tilt the tripod head to its desired angle to get the shot he wants. You can change angles without decreasing the stability that tripod provides for your camera.

Quick Release Adapter

One of the most common problems encountered by a photographer who uses a tripod is the actual installation of camera on it. Depending on the brand or model, some tripods take quite some time to install; you have to manually remove first the tripod head, screw the camera into the tripod head and then re-attach again the tripod head back into its original position.

Now, if you have limited time to setup, these things would surely be a nightmare for you but with the help of the quick release adapter, you could easily attach and detach your camera from your tripod. There are new tripods though that already have a built in quick release adapter. But for those without it, buying one will surely save you time.

These accessories can help make you get the most out of your tripod. You can surely creative, sharp images when you use a tripod especially in unlikely situations.

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Effective Marketing Ideas for Photographers

photographerRunning a photography business is not easy. Even those who have been in the business for many years still struggle to come up with marketing strategies that will help their business grow. There are marketing strategies before that no longer work today. And since, there’s advancement in technology, the Internet is now a huge source of information by many people. You can make use of the Internet to promote your business.

The Internet is a good way to reach out to potential customers. Today, many companies and individuals spend more time in promoting their products and services online. Marketing online can be done for free or with no huge amount needed.

Here are some effective marketing strategies that you can use to promote your photography services online.

  1. Start your own website and blog regularly

If you don’t have a website, well it’s high time for you to start one. Your website must contain important information like the services you are offering, your background, physical location, and contact numbers and even the times you are open. Add also the best photos from the past wedding you have worked on. If you don’t know to start a website, pay someone to build it for you then inquire how you can maintain and run it.

It is also important for you to add fresh content to your website at least once a week. This can improve your search ranking and will also show potential clients that you are legitimate and dependable. Take a look at the website of wedding photographer hampshire to get ideas on how your website should look like.

  1. Add your business in Google Local

Adding your business in Google Local can help your business get more free exposure online.  More potential customers in your area will find you when they search for a local photographer. It is for free so you won’t have to pay for advertising your business. Just make sure to enter the correct details like physical address and contact information.

  1. Share your best photos on Pinterest and Facebook

Since you are promoting your photography business, it is expected that you can deliver wonderful images. This means that clients are looking forward to seeing great photos online. Set up a Pinterest account and arrange the pictures you will present by “boards”.

On Facebook, set up a Facebook page, add relevant information about your business, tell your friends and family to “like” your page and share it for others to like. Post photos on your Facebook page from time to time especially if you have just finished an event. You can also share a status update if you have an upcoming public event that people might be interested to join in. Essex wedding photographer does this.

  1. Build an email list

Building an email list means getting the email addresses of potential customers so you can email them whenever you have a new service or product or any news that might be interesting for them. To get their email addresses, you can create a form on your website where they will add their names and email address in exchange of freebies like a discount on services, free item or similar interesting offers. Make sure you don’t send emails that appear spam for they surely won’t like it.

These are only some of the online marketing strategies you can do to promote your business. Don’t expect to get good results fast. Be patient and just continue being active online especially during off-peak season.

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