6 Top Tips for Great Wedding Videos

wedding videographyMost couples who are planning their weddings hire a wedding photographer to take pictures of the precious moments in their special day. There are some though who also hire a wedding videographer to record special parts of the wedding. If you’re a professional photographer who also has knowledge in video recording and editing, then this can be an advantage for you. You can offer photography and videography services to potential customers.

There are two types of videos you can offer: one showing the actual video clip and the other showing wedding pictures in a slideshow with music added. If the clients specified that they want an actual footage, then go ahead and choose the parts you will record and at the same time take pictures of the other moments as they happen.

Recording a video is not as easy as some people might think. It is not the similar to the usual video we shoot at home on a regular basis. A wedding video is something more complex, special and should be treated with great importance.  Owning a great camcorder or DSLR for video is not enough.  It is very vital for you to plan ahead and study everything there is to know in producing a great wedding video.

  1. Choose the right video equipment and accessories

DSLR cameras continue to flourish today and a lot of videographers are already using a DSLR camera in recording videos. The large sensors in DSLR can produce a more cinematic look to your video. You can still stick to a camcorder if you’re more comfortable with it.

Other accessories you may consider buying are external microphone or wireless microphone system, on-camera light if the need for light arises and support rigs. A support rig is a type of camera support that can provide stability to your camcorder of DSLR.

  1. Check your audio before the wedding

A wedding video will be useless if your audio is not working especially if you are recording the exchange of vows. Check your cameras built-in mic as well as the external microphone a day before the wedding to make sure sounds can be heard when recording. Berkshire wedding photographer always checks his camera, microphone and other gears before a wedding starts.

  1. Focus on the couple and the wedding itself.

Depending on the capacity of your gear, the length of time you can record a video maybe limited. In the same way, you might be planning to record only a short part so whatever the case maybe it is important that you focus your cam on the couple. If you plan to later create a video with pictures, make sure to take plenty of shots of the wedding highlights. You can check out the website of wedding photography hertfordshire to get ideas on what the wedding highlights are.

  1. Coordinate with the wedding planner and venue in-charge

It is crucial for you to know the expected flow of events in the wedding so you can position yourself on the right spot. Talk to the wedding coordinators and the couple and ask for a copy of the itinerary. It is also important to speak with the venue manager and plan together on which part they will need to illuminate areas in the venue. Like in photography, proper lighting plays a big part in wedding videography. Insufficient light can produce dark images that may not look good in videos.

  1. No special effects

When working on video post-production, avoid too much special effect. It won’t look good in the wedding video. Make it simple yet romantic.

  1. Incorporate the wedding theme

The wedding will surely have its own theme or motif. The couple will appreciate the wedding video if you incorporate their theme on it. Take pictures of the wedding venue and the wedding items that represent its theme. You can add these pictures later during post production.

If you want to start it right, be in the venue at least an hour before the wedding so you can include the preparations in the video and plan on where to position yourself.

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