6 Tips on How to Take Great Photos Using Your New DSLR Camera

DSLR cameraIn today’s digital photography, there is no doubt that DSLR cameras are powerful because of the many features they generally have. DSLR cameras can give you the awesome pictures you are looking forward to as long as you know how to properly use them. You should not expect to right away produce magnificent photos if you are a new DSLR user. You need to learn ways on how to take great photos using your new DSLR camera. 

  1. Adjust your ISO accordingly

ISO basically stands for International Organization for Standardization and it refers to how sensitive your camera is to the light coming in. The lower the ISO, the less sensitive your camera is. There are cameras that have a wide range of ISO which can reach as low 100 or as high as 1600. A high ISO can be useful when there is insufficient light in a particular location. By setting your camera’s ISO higher in a low light location, the image will still appear visible and clear. The downside though is the higher the ISO, the more noise in your image and so not so sharp or blurry images will be produced. You will have to carefully choose the right ISO setting to get the perfect image. 

  1. Keep your camera steady at all times

A steady camera is important wen taking pictures using your DSLR. Less to no camera shakes or movements can definitely produce sharper images than when your camera lacks stability. The stability of a camera is important in all types of photography even in cake smash photography.

A photographer must find ways to avoid too much camera shakes especially in low light situations. One way to avoid this is by using a good quality tripod. Be open about buying a high quality tripod at a higher cost than a cheap, low quality one. You surely won’t regret your investment on a great tripod.

  1. Check your shots every now and then

There are instances that a photographer gets too hooked on shooting an event that he disregards the importance of checking the captured shots. As a beginner, you must make it a habit to check your images from time to time so you can adjust the settings whenever necessary.

Keep in mind that the light, angle, lens and the situation in general differ and your first shot might look great but the others may look poor due to insufficient light or other factors. Make sure to check your shots from time to time so you can correct any flaw.

  1. Shoot in RAW not JPEG

A lot of professional photographers like these wedding photographers dorset will surely advise you to shoot in RAW. If you not sure why then the main reason for this is that you can have more control in the image during post-production. The images shot in RAW are really “raw” or unprocessed so the data of the image you get is the same with what you get before clicking on the camera. RAW files are larger though so you will have to make sure you have enough memory storage especially when you are covering a long event.

  1. Learn how to use Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority Modes

There are different shooting modes that can be found in your camera. You need to study each and learn which are the most useful for your type of photography. For beginners who haven’t decided yet on what field to focus on, it is best to learn Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes. You need to learn how the aperture can affect the look of your image. You also need to know how to control the shutter speed of your camera. Learning these two shooting modes can definitely help you capture great photos.

  1. View your histogram to adjust exposure

Overexposure as well as underexpose can make your images look poor and unclear. You need to the right exposure to get a clear, awesome picture. Looking at your LCD screen is not enough because it is not as reliable as the histogram. Your camera’s histogram can accurately show you the exposure level of your image so you can adjust suitably.

Make sure that you get the most out of your DSLR camera. Find time to study and practice shooting so your acquire skills and gain more knowledge that can help you get the perfect photos you desire.

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