6 Common Mistakes Amateur Wedding Photographers Make

wedding tipsIt is normal for a human being to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, not even professionals. But then, when it comes to our job we want to avoid making mistakes that can possibly ruin our reputation. Even amateur wedding photographers want to cover their first wedding successfully. They know that their first project can have a big impact on their business or their chance at success in the wedding industry.

Every wedding is important and couples hire you to capture the precious moments on their wedding. They look forward to seeing wonderful wedding pictures that depict this special event. As a wedding photographer, you want to satisfy and fulfill the expectations of your clients.  Knowing the common mistakes made by amateur wedding photographers can help you avoid and learn from them.

  1. Wrong exposure

There are photographers who are not knowledgeable enough in knowing how to adjust their camera setting based on a situation. At times, they choose the wrong exposure thus causing an image to appear different from what it actual looks like. Say for example when taking shots of the prized wedding gown, a photographer either under exposed or overexposed it causing the color of the gown to look different in the picture.

To resolve this, it is important for to learn about exposure and other basic photography terms and techniques. You need to know when and how to adjust your settings based on a given scene or situation. You also need to apply and practice what you have learned.

  1. Insufficient knowledge of equipment

Preparing for a wedding involves studying setting your cameras, checking your equipment and planning what to bring. The most important among the three is setting your camera. You need to familiarize every button, controls, shooting modes, features that your primary camera as well as you backup camera.

Some photographers adjust their camera’s settings upon arriving at the wedding venue which is definitely wrong. You need to do the necessary adjustments and checking days before the wedding.

  1. Incomplete shots

There are amateur photographers who think that a wedding shot list is unnecessary. They think that they already know what to shoot, only to realize later that a lot of important shots are missing. The couple got mad and frustrated with the incomplete shots that the photographer delivered.

This goes to say that it is important for you to plan your shots, create a checklist or ask the couple to provide you a list of expected shots. You need individual and portrait shots of the people in the wedding as well as macro shots of wedding items and significant details. This derby wedding photographer always asks clients on what shot they want to be included.

  1. Unprofessionalism

Arriving late, dressing inappropriately and showing disrespect to others are clear signs of unprofessionalism. Never show unprofessionalism because this can really ruin your reputation. Clients will never hire you nor recommend you to their friends if they are disgruntled with how you act and do your job. It is important to act professionally and never give promises you cannot deliver.

  1. Cluttered background

Too much clutter in the background can keep the focus away from the people in the picture. The viewers will notice the mess or the unnecessary element in the background instead of the supposed focus which is the couple or their guests. Some photographers forget to remove the clutter or tend to choose the wrong location especially when taking shots before the wedding. This makes it very important for the wedding photographer to check the whole scene before composing the shot and clicking on the camera.

  1. Lack or incorrect focus

Almost same with #2, it is important for a photographer to choose a focus and select the right camera focus mode before taking shots. You need to choose the right ISO level as well as right shooting mode whether manual or autofocus. It will all depend on a particular situation hence you need to use your best judgment. You can ask for tips from this professional wedding photographer Hertfordshire.

Keep these common mistakes in mind and avoid doing them. Just practice continuously and never stop learning from every experience.

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